Website design and development

Offering my services locally from Forfar, Angus

I build easy to use websites, so customers can focus on what you have to offer. 

From Ecommerce stores and techniques that help new customers discover your business to social media graphics and contact forms, I offer the essentials required for your online presence.

It goes without saying, my websites look just as good on a phone as a computer.

My Experience

Being self taught, I picked up much of what I know from co-founding two Ecommerce businesses over the past five years. During this time I was involved in all aspects of the business and made just about every mistake imaginable. Learning from that, I have the experience to make sure you avoid those same mistakes when creating your online presence.

Aside from web design I enjoy skiing, so that prevailed over techy stuff for this websites photo choices.

Helping Scottish businesses grow online

My Services

Standard Website

Sometimes called a ‘brochure’ website, it serves as a place for you to show off what you offer online. Unlike a brochure it can have all sorts of useful features like booking systems, maps, forms, videos etc. 

Ecommerce Website

If you are looking for a place to sell products or services online, this service is for you. It has everything a standard website has to offer plus the ability for you to seamlessly take orders online.

my most Recent

Completed Projects

These websites now serve as a place for my clients in Angus, Aberdeenshire, Dundee and further afield to grow their brands using the power of social media, search engines and online shopping.

The skills i have to offer

Website Design

I style your website, keeping in mind it needs to be easy to use and instil confidence, so customers have trust even when coming across it on the internet.

Website development

This is where I attach different pieces of software such as galleries, videos, forms and so on to your website. Everything your customers need to engage with your business effectively.

Photo Editing

Photos are a fantastic way to make a visually appealing website. I can enhance, edit and add text to photos for your website, social media, printed materials etc.

Graphic & print Design

Graphics are essential to creating a memorable brand. I can use graphics to create logos, social media banners, printed materials like flyers etc. 

Business Discovery

I use techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help potential customers discover your business online.

hosting & Maintenance

To go along with your website you are going to need hosting, I set that up along with a professional email. I can also offer maintenance such as website backups, updates, security, edits etc.