How to Start a CBD oil Business in the UK

First things first, an e-commerce website

So, you want to get into the booming CBD oil industry, one of the sectors that has proven resilient through recent events and shows tremendous promise to be a household wellbeing staple. To do that effectively, you are going to need an e-commerce website. There are three options here:

  1. Build one yourself
  2. Have a professional build one for you
  3. Buy one

Right off the bat, current regulations in the UK rule out option 1 and 2. This is because you are not currently allowed to sell CBD products unless they are either:

  • Novel Foods Status approved by the Foods Standards Authority (FSA) 
  • On the market products prior to February 2020

You could go for option 1 and 2 and apply for Novel Foods Status, though you will be waiting upwards of 12 months for FSA approval. The easier option is to buy an existing CBD company which sold its products prior to February 2020 and is currently in the process of being Novel Foods Status approved by the FSA. 

So far this might all seem like a headache, but there are benefits to this. This hassle puts a lot of people off of entering the CBD industry. Even if they are motivated, they need to be able to afford an existing CBD oil business that ticks the boxes above which could set them back upwards of £5,000. This means less competition and more space for you to stand out.
So, how should you go about acquiring a CBD oil business? A quick search online should have a few coming up on the typical business selling websites. I can also help out here as my Dad Clark has a company in the CBD industry called Koha Ora with two sister brands that are currently unused. One is called Round3 CBD which is aimed at the sports and especially contact sports CBD market – perfect for stocking in gyms. The other is Eloa Health, aimed at a high end CBD market with great potential to be put through wellness centres, spas etc. They tick all the boxes mentioned above and are ready to go. You can get in touch with Clark on +44 (0)7855 0111 66.

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